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Operate private charging services

with eMabler

Steps to go through

How to launch private EV charging services

Building electric vehicle charging services with eMabler is easy and allows you to make a number of choices.

Select customer segment
Choosing between customer segments affects your choice of business models and operational details.
Choose your business model

There are more than one business models for private charging. Select some to focus on to build a successful business.

Find the right user experience
User experience matters in private charging too and different contexts call for different choices. Which charging experience should I choose?
Enable visitor payments
Not all private charging is completely private. Learn how can you enable visitor payments in private charging.
Migrate data

We can migrate your chargers, drivers NFC tags and even transactions from your previous charging backend.

Integrate your business

Use our APIs to integrate your charging service to your existing systems.

Step 1

Customer Segment

The private charging market has many interesting sub-segments from which to choose from. Customers have successfully focused their business on:

  • Multi-dwelling apartment charging
  • Office charging
  • Taxi fleet charging
  • Delivery vehicle charging
  • Bus charging

Each segment has their own quirks and requirements and the selection affects many aspects of business model and operations choices.

Step 2

Business Model

One would think private charging business model is pretty simple, but we urge you to consider a few things:

  • Are you an operator or do you perform installations and maintenance too? Hardware sales and installation work can be a good income source, especially at first
  • Do you make your recurring money from service fees or by adding a margin on power?
  • Do you own the infrastructure or do you need to compensate another party for power?

eMabler's invoicing solutions can help you with any of these models.





Step 3

User Experience

Do you want to offer an app to your private charging users? Or perhaps just monthly invoicing?

If you compensate the building owner for power, who manages the prices and how? Do you offer self service tools?

eMabler's Charge Point Management System can also be used to provide site managers and building owners with self-service tools to manage their energy pricing and reduce your customer service load.

Step 4

Visitor Payments

Some private charging sites are not fully private, in offices, you might have the occasional visitor. Subcontractors might visit fleet charging depots for a top-up. It would be nice to have the one using the power also pay for it.

eMabler Express is visitor ad-hoc payment solution that can be deployed quickly with minimal up-front and recurring costs.



Step 4 – Optional

Migrate your data

We have experience with migrating customers' data from many other CPMS systems and can help you run the migration. If you'd prefer to migrate the data yourself, that's OK too, we will advice you on the process.
Step 6 – Optional

Integrate with your business

We can't do it all and you will want to have other systems too and that's OK. We have a lot of publicly available material on our APIs and you can get a testing environment for your development team to play with.

Companies using eMabler to offer private charging



Contact our sales and let's build scalable electric vehicle charging services together!