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Open platform

Scale your business with your existing assets

What eMabler does

eMabler connects EV charging with your business

Build your charging network by combining

  • Existing and new payment applications
  • Chargers from multiple vendors
  • Data from different systems
  • External charging networks
to ensure better customer experience and business scalability

Craft your solution

Connect any modern OCPP charger and ensure future flexibility with our multi-vendor load management.
Control chargers, make changes and manage your service via our APIs and react with other systems by listening to our push messaging.
Collect money via visotor ad hoc payments, OCPI roaming partners or monthly invoicing.
Take your EV charging service to the next level. And the next. Proven to work with tens of thousands of chargers.

Electric vehicle charging platform

With our EV charging platform you can gain full and real-time access to all your EV charging data and build new revenue streams with the data.

We are a charge point manufacturer-independent EV charging platform. Don't allow any hardware to restrict your success.


EV charging service is high volume and low margin service. Combined with energy management it is the game-changer.

Our API-first cloud-native and cost-efficient platform enables you to control, manage and scale your EV charging business and provide a better user experience.

Some companies using eMabler platform