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Launching and operating EV charging service is easy with eMabler. Simply select a predefined product package to get started or start with a customized version tailored to your specific needs. You can change to a customized version anytime you wish to do so.



No credit card needed

Charge Point Management System
eMabler Push API
Unlimited for the future client base
Cloud load management
eMabler REST API
Business system, payment and custom API



2,75€ per additional charge point

Charge Point Management System
eMabler Push API
Up to 400 charge points (CP)
Cloud load management
eMabler REST API
Business system, payment and custom API


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Let's craft a plan tailored to your business
Product features
Future needs
Onboarding and support
Training and quarterly reviews
APIs, standard and custom
Data migration

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Select your package

The Free is for our customers that want to build a customer base until launching a full EV charging service. It can be used e.g. for home charging or workplace end-users to start with limited services and later upgraded to a payable service.

The Start is how you can start your own commercial EV charging service. It includes full charge network management features and eMabler Rest and Push APIs to connect with other systems. You may also use custom API to connect with a commercial business system.

The Scale package has all the same features as Start but it also includes an OCPI connection to make connections with other eMobility providers. This is ideal if your service also includes public charging with several payment methods and integrations.

The Custom is a fully customized version to provide advanced eMobility services. It is up to you to decide how you differentiate your service and build a competitive advantage with payments, systems, energy management and roaming.

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Set up Define the platform according to your business.
Connect Integrate with systems and charge points.
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