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eMabler EV Charging Platform

Offer Superior EV Charging Experience

Plug&Play for eMobility. Seamless connectors for your existing cloud solutions.

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Energy companies

Optimize grid stability and manage renewables.

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EV charging operators

Scale & automate network operations. Streamline operations and grow efficiently.

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Parking Operators

Enhance revenue & streamline EV charging. Enhance revenue and automate management.

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Elevate guest services & optimize EV charging Elevate services and optimize operations.

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Increase traffic & simplify EV Charging. Attract customers and manage efficiently.

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Petrol Retailers

Future-Proof & optimize EV business. Seamless integration and optimize operations.

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Fleet Operators

Electrify fleet & reduce costs. Manage fleet and achieve cost savings.

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eMabler - Use Cases and Industries

Unlocking the Full Potential of EV Charging

The rise of electric vehicles presents exciting opportunities, but managing a complex network of charging stations can be time-consuming, inefficient, and costly.

The Problem

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Unlock the power of your data

Connect eMabler with your existing systems and unlock valuable insights to optimize your EV charging operations.

Real-time data & analytics

Gain actionable insights into energy consumption, user behavior, and station performance.

Automated operations & billing

Free your team and streamline tasks with automated scheduling, billing, and reporting.

Seamless user experience

Offer a user-friendly interface for convenient charging and transparent billing processes.

Scalability & open Integration

Adapt your platform to your evolving needs and seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

Empower Your Operations with eMabler's Feature-Rich Platform


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Discover how eMabler can transform your
EV charging operations.

eMabler EV Charging Platform


from 550€ /month

Get started with a wide range of features.

eMabler EV Charging Platform


Unleash your business with a fully tailored platform.

Fair and transparent pricing to help you grow

Third-party applications

REST & Push APIs

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