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Connect your workflow with
EV Charging

Connect your favorite  CRM, Billing, or app to eMabler and scale like never before!

eMabler - Connectors and APIs

Unlock the Power of APIs and Connectors

Break free from the manual dataflows of the EV platforms of yesterday

Charge Point Managment Systems (CPMS) are often vertically integrated software silos where the room for customizations are limited at best. This leads to a situation where you as a company expanding into EV charging risk having to:

Manually shuffle data between your exciting CRM system and your CPMS of choice.

Exporting transaction data from the CPMS manually or in batch jobs to be used in your billing engine.

 Manually changing the access rights of your end users according to billing status.

eMabler - Connectors and APIs

Just eMable it!


Enable our CRM, Billing, or payment connectors to match your current workflows, and expand your current app through our APIs!


Have Salesforce as your CRM, and Utility Cloud or CGI BFUS as your billing engine. Just eMable it!


Using Easypark for your parking business and looking to expand your services to include EV charging? Just eMable it! 


Just want a simple way of charging your customers for the charging taking place at your parking lot using Apple Pay or Google Pay? You get the idea! 


Are you missing something from our list of supported connectors? Reach out and we will have a look at how we can get you into EV charging without compromising on your ideal business arcitecture! 


Have your own app and developers? Go crazy with our APIs! Anything we can do, you can do too. Nothing is off limits in the eMabler API-first platform!

eMabler - Connectors and APIs

The more of these systems your core business depends on, the bigger the nightmare.

To avoid this situation, companies often settle for the silos where you get:

Two separate apps in the app store and the fragmented end user experience that comes with it.

A large amount of internal digital overhead, reducing your competiveness againt companies that are free from that burden.

This has to stop, and with eMablers connectors and APIs you dont have to settle anymore!

eMabler (Presentation) (1).png

A world of open possibilities: Visualizing the eMabler ecosystem.

eMabler - Ecosystem

The eMabler open ecosystem fosters seamless connections between a diverse range of platforms and services.

A glimpse into the possibilities:

Centralized management

Connect eMabler with your existing business systems for a unified view of your EV charging operations.

EV charging network management

Effortlessly manage your charging stations, user accounts, and energy consumption from a centralized location.

Payment processing

Integrate with various payment gateways to offer flexible payment options for your EV charging customers.

Data analytics & reporting

Gain valuable insights into charging behavior and energy consumption patterns through powerful data analytics tools.

Third-party applications

Expand functionality by integrating with a wide range of third-party applications and services tailored to your specific needs.

eMabler (Presentation) (1).png

Start building your open EV charging ecosystem.

Ready to unlock the power of open connectivity?

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