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EXPLOIT energy transition

with EV charging services and energy management

The benefit of offering electric vehicle charging with eMabler

Exploit energy transition

eMabler platform enables energy companies to operate data-based businesses in eMobility to meet the requirements of the energy transition. eMabler is an API-first platform for electric vehicle charging.

Energy companies will achieve several competitive advantages with the eMabler platform:

  • Offer seamless digital end-to-end user experience in EV charging and bundle with different products in your portfolio.
  • Launch new business models and scale your business with the existing client base and the data from the EV charging service.
  • Better control of your business with our APIs by integrating EV charging service with existing systems.
  • Offer your customers multiple, easy-to-use payment methods for EV charging with eMabler Express.
Exploit energy transition

What we enable for energy companies

mittari SCALE WITH YOUR CLIENT BASE 80% of EV charging takes place at homes. Ensure you are competitive in this segment.
linkit Exploit ENERGY TRANSITION Manage EV charging loads and use them to balance the grid and provide Virtual Power Plant services.
liittyä USE EXISTING SYSTEMS Save in OPEX and manage your EV charging service with existing business systems.
pilvi CAPITALIZE THE SERVICE DATA New services and revenue streams with real-time data are crucial for energy companies to be competitive.
kasvu ENERGY MANAGEMENT revenue Control EV charging loads and build new revenue from energy management services.
maapallo DIGITALIZE YOUR BUSINESS Energy companies could digitalize their EV charging service and integrate it with other services.
Do more with our open platform

Integrate EV charging with your business

The eMabler platform has APIs to meet energy companies’ specific needs in electric vehicle charging. APIs can be used to connect with the existing client base, business systems and control charging loads to integrate with energy management.
API-first platform

Benefits of Smart Energy APIs

Our cloud-native and cost-efficient platform enables you to control and manage all your EV charging data anywhere you need to. The cloud-native platform offers the highest security level and meets even the most demanding reliability and scalability requirements.

  • Control electric vehicle charging cycles.
  • Easily connect with energy aggregators’ or with own systems.
  • Benefit from peak shaving, electricity price-controlled charging.
  • New revenues from Virtual Power Plant services.

Exploit the energy transition and digitalization with eMabler

By working with eMabler you can reach your goals in no-time and scale your electric vehicle charging business