Benefits eMabler delivers to energy companies

EV charging services to exploit the energy transition and digitalization

eMabler API-first EV charging platform enables energy companies to operate data-based businesses in electric vehicle charging to meet the requirements of the energy transition and digitalization.

Most of the electric vehicle charging happens at homes and energy companies are in an ideal position to provide this service. Energy companies will achieve several competitive advantages with eMabler.

Cloud_symbol2-1 Scale with your client base 80% of EV charging takes place at homes. Ensure you are competitive in this segment.
Cloud_symbol3 Use existing systems Save in OPEX and manage your EV charging service with existing business systems.
eMabler_business_system_API Capitalize the service data New services and revenue streams with real-time data are crucial for energy companies to be competitive.
Cloud_symbol4_200 Be competitive in the energy transition Manage EV charging loads and use them to balance the grid and provide Virtual Power Plant services.
Payment_symbol New revenue from energy management Control EV charging loads and build new revenue from peak shaving, electricity price-controlled charging.
Cloud_symbol5 Digitalize your business and services Energy companies should digitalize their EV charging service and integrate it with other services.
EV charging for energy companies
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Value eMabler delivers to energy companies

The eMabler platform has APIs to meet energy companies’ specific needs in electric vehicle charging. APIs can be used to connect with the client base, business systems and control charging loads to integrate with energy aggregation.

Energy companies will achieve several competitive advantages with the eMabler platform: 

  • Have full control of your EV charging service. eMabler platform is not closed but offers eMabler APIs to connect with energy companies’ systems, data and client base.

  • Offer seamless digital end-to-end user experience in EV charging and bundle with different products in your portfolio.

  • Launch new business models and scale your business with the existing client base and the data from the EV charging service.

  • Operate a hardware-agnostic network with Charge Point Management System and avoid vendor locks that limit your business growth and are expensive.

  • Offer your customers multiple, easy to use payment methods for EV charging with eMabler Express.

  • We’re more than just a platform provider. You’ll be working with our team of industry experts.

Energy companies that integrate EV charging services into their business have better overall business performance and deliver higher client value. 

How eMabler can enable energy companies to run competitive EV charging services:

  • Start with your client base. Launch a scalable EV charging solution for home and workplace charging. We enable that you can integrate and manage your EV charging service with your existing business systems like CRM, billing.

  • Ensure your charging points are robust with high availability as on-site maintenance is expensive and can damage your business case. eMabler constantly reviews and evaluate charge points and we have a lot of operational data to support our recommendations.

  • Require SLAs from the charge point manufacturers you use as defective hardware impacts negatively on your brand and causes extra cost. Utilize a mix of hardware from multiple vendors to ensure competition in innovation and cost.

  • Deploy a mix of chargers based on customer behaviour as some locations demand AC and other DC chargers. The eMabler platform provides data to analyze user behaviour.

  • Consider owning some public charge points to support end-users journey between home and public but also partner with existing public charging networks. The eMabler platform has interfaces to connect with charge point operators’ networks.

  • In cities, turn public charge points to “home chargers” during the night so that residents can easily charge their EVs overnight.

  • Launch your products to provide users with a one-stop shop for both private and public EV charging as most of the charging happens during the night but is complemented with occasional public charging.

  • Consider in midterm to have a pricing engine that supports product bundling and different pricing schemes. Our platform provides real-time data and it is up to you to decide how you productize your services.

  • Co-operate with destination charging locations like petrol stations, fast food, shopping centers. Their motivation is to get more customers and your home charging customers are ideal for that. The eMabler platform has interfaces to connect with various systems like loyalty systems.

  • Integrate charging service into your mobile app and other user interfaces with eMabler APIs. This way you provide a better user experience and can bundle different products.

  • Utilize your existing relationships e.g. with installers, DSOs, service companies to scale faster than the competition.

  • Bundle EV charging service with electricity sales and digitalize the services. Our cloud-native provides endless possibilities for energy companies to digitalize EV charging services.

  • Ensure you can use EV charging loads to boost your business e.g. in Virtual Power Plant services as this is your asset. eMabler enables energy companies to build new business models around demand-side management and Virtual Power Plant services.

  • Build your service offering in steps. This allows faster time to market but also test and correct faster.

Exploit the energy transition and digitalization with eMabler