EV charging for retail and hotels

Hotels and retail

Attract new loyal customers with EV charging!
Benefits eMabler delivers to hotels and retail

EV charging for retail and hotels to attract new loyal customers

The hotel and retail sectors are in an ideal position to offer EV charging services to their customers - as customers often visit the locations with their electric vehicles. Electric vehicle drivers select locations where also EV charging is possible and made easy. 

Cloud_symbol2-1 Offer seamless user experience Allow customers to use your existing mobile apps to use EV charging service.
Cloud_symbol3 Reward loyal customers Launch special benefits and rates to your most loyal customers.
eMabler_business_system_API Connect EV charging service with your systems Integrate the service with APIs to existing systems to offer a better user experience.
Cloud_symbol4_200 Outsource operation and maintenance You may allow your existing service partners to operate and maintain the EV charging infrastructure to ensure the best service reliability.
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How to launch an EV charging offering at a hotel or retail

EV driving visitors are more likely to choose their shopping establishments and hotel stays based on EV charging availability. EV driving visitors will also spend more time and money in places with charging capability.

Value eMabler delivers to hotels and retail when offering EV charging service:

  • Integrate EV charging user journey with your mobile app with eMabler APIs.

  • Offer your customers multiple, easy to use payment methods for EV charging with eMabler Express.

  • Further, expand your customer base by offering your chargers to major eMobility providers' customers. 

  • Offer loyal customer benefits for returning to your location and using your services.

Hotels and retail should launch EV charging services to attract more loyal customers. EV drivers use EV charging possibility as one criteria when selecting hotels, shops and restaurants they visit. The service needs to be reliable, easy to use and provide value for the money.

How eMabler can enable hotels and retail to run competitive EV charging services:

  • Decide is your goal to attract new customers to your core service or optimize the use of your EV charging service.

  • Consider charge point types based on customer behaviour i.e. how long your customers stay at the location. Some need slow AC and others fast DC charging.

  • Consider choosing a partner for the operation and maintenance of the EV charging network and your target could be to get more loyal customers to your core services.

  • Utilize a mix of hardware from different vendors to ensure competition in innovation, service and cost.

  • Provide several different payment methods to attract more customers to use your core service. Own app is nice, but make sure it adds value to the end-users.

  • Consider opening your network or location to other service providers to ensure convenience for the end-users and attract more customers to use your core service.

  • Consider what are benefits you offer to your loyal customers. Is it better service, lower price, bundling with other products or something else?

  • Be realistic about your ambition. Is your role more suitable as a charge point operator than an eMobility service provider?

  • Build your service offering in steps. This allows faster time to market but you can also test and correct faster.

  • Have clear KPIs for your business development e.g. measure customer behaviour of EV drivers versus non EV drivers i.e. how long your customers stay at the location, consume your products and services, how satisfied they are.

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