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Dynamic Load Management

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Electric vehicles are getting more popular and charging sites will have more chargers, especially in parking lots. In order to ensure excellent customer experience dynamic load management (DLM) is required.

eMabler's cloud-based DLM also protects the electric system's limitations in multi-level and can be connected with external systems and meters.

Cloud_symbol4 Manufacturer independent DLM Expanding sites is easier as you don’t need to stick to one charge point manufacturer.
Cloud_symbol2 Easy installation and configuration Configuration is done remotely on our Charge Point Management System (CPMS).
Cloud_symbol3 Connect external inputs Integrate other metering values into the load management to alter dynamically sites' max current.
Cloud_symbol1-1 Multi-level DLM setup You can specify multilevel hierarchies on your load management setup.
Cloud_symbol5-1 Fail-safe system Should the connection with the cloud be lost there are fall-back parameters to protect the fuses.
Cloud_symbol1-1 Round robin Circulate the charging cycle between vehicles in high dense locations for a better user experience.

The basic idea of load management in electric vehicle charging is to install charge points so that the feeding cable from the nearest distribution cabinet to the charge point is sized with the rated current of the charge point. Then you set up a system that has a limit value of the distribution cabinets maximum current. 

The load management system monitors that if there are several vehicles connected simultaneously to this system the maximum individual charge point current is limited so that the sum of active current from these charge points won’t exceed the threshold of the distribution cabinet.  

How to set up

Cloud Dynamic Load Management

Chargers are installed on-site and connected to eMabler system with our Charge Point Management System
Load Management setup is done for the site on the eMabler CPMS system either thru its UI or APIs:
  • Easy to set up in 1 minute. No special tools are required.
  • Setup can be part of other commissioning or design process and integrated to eMabler thru the APIs
  • Multiple chargers can be configured at one click

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