eMabler Express

eMabler Express

For ad hoc payments!
Offer several payment options to your customers

One-time payment solution for any existing charging station

Paying for public charging outside the driver’s home area can be a chore and the upcoming EU regulation warrants the addition of ad-hoc payment options to all public chargers. Traditional options like mounted credit card readers and payment terminals are CAPEX and OPEX heavy. 
Cloud_symbol4 No new apps Express allows drivers to use the payment methods they already have and love.
Cloud_symbol2 No backend changes Works with all major backend systems via OCPI or eMabler Freedom OCPP bridge.
Cloud_symbol3 Low cost Minimal CAPEX costs and low operational costs – no development work needed.
Cloud_symbol1-1 Easy contracting eMabler provides contracts with payment suppliers for you.
Cloud_symbol5-1 Quick payments Simple 3-click payment flow that everyone can understand.

The upcoming EU regulation requires all public chargers to offer an ad hoc, single payment option, but deploying PCI-DSS compliant card readers at all charging points is cost-prohibitive in both initial investment and recurring costs.

eMabler Express offers a convenient way to pay without additional hardware and minimal recurring costs. Express allows your occasional users to pay with the payment methods they already have. Using the eMabler backend is not required to take Express into use: the solution can be added to existing backends via OCPI or OCPP bridging.

Payment Workflow

eMabler Express

  1. Scan QR code at the charger to see a mobile web page
  2. Choose payment method
  3. Accept payment
  4. Charging status is visible on a mobile web page, with the option to send a receipt via email 

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