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Operate public charging services

with eMabler

Steps to go through

How to launch public EV charging services

Building electric vehicle charging services with eMabler is easy and allows you to make a number of choices.

Find your business model

Do you want to be a B2B charge point operator or provide an end user experience yourself? You'll need to choose your business model.

Connect to roaming partners
Roaming agreements with other CPOs in your area can increase your attractiveness to customers and drive new revenue.
Enable visitor payments
There are many apps for charging, maybe some your customers would prefer to pay with ad hoc payment instead.
Promote your chargers
More visitors means more revenue, and more visitors find you if your chargers appear in navigation systems.
Migrate data
We can migrate your chargers, drivers NFC tags and even transactions from your previous charging backend.
Integrate your business
Use our APIs to integrate your charging service to your existing systems.
Step 1

Find your business model

The first decision you need to make in any public charging business is whether you focus on operating chargers as a CPO or providing a great user experience as an EMP.

If you want to be an EMP, you probably need your own app.

For public charging focused driver applications, we offer three options

  • Paythru, a white-label app with payment integration
  • Deftpower, a white label app with pre-negotiated roaming accessibility for your drivers
  • Your own custom app
Step 2

Connect to roaming partners

Roaming agreements can vastly increase the reach of your charging networks both for your drivers and by allowing drivers from other networks to visit your network. For CPO-only players, this is a fundamental must-have.

eMabler's OCPI integration allows you to negotiate peer-to-peer roaming agreements with any EMP or CPO.

You can learn more about what OCPI is and what to use it for from our blog.



Step 3

Enable visitor payments

Not all of your users want to install an app or join a new network – we get it, they might just be visiting or drive a rental car. In some areas, up to 80% of payments come via ad hoc payment options.

Our Express Ad Hoc Payment solution allows visiting drivers to pay for their charging in a few seconds, without ever installing an app.

Step 4

Promote your chargers

How can drivers find your chargers? Most drivers use either their phone's mapping app or their car's navigation system to discover chargers.

Our partner Eco-Movement can get you to both.

Step 5 – Optional

Migrate the data

We have experience with migrating customers' data from many other CPMS systems and can help you run the migration. If you'd prefer to migrate the data yourself, that's OK too, we will advice you on the process.
Step 6 – Optional

Integrate with your business

We can't do it all and you will want to have other systems too and that's OK. We have a lot of publicly available material on our APIs and you can get a testing environment for your development team to play with.

Companies using eMabler to offer public charging



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