eMabler OCPI

Roaming interface in EV charging

OCPI to enable roaming 

Open Charge Point Interface accelerates the EV market and improves the end-user experience!

Our API-first EV charging platform supports OCPI. You can connect any charge point you operate on the eMabler platform to any other Electric Mobility Service (EMP). eMabler can also accommodate you if you work as an EMP. 

Cloud_symbol4 The aim for OCPI is to accelerate EV market and improve the end user experience of EV drivers Well documented interface
Cloud_symbol2 Build on the core of eMabler offering As our platform already is an integration platform providing this is our core know-how.
Cloud_symbol3 Utilize eMabler CPMS platform to remove the complexities of the standard We can streamline the needed use cases and handle all the complex things so you don’t need to worry about them.
Cloud_symbol1-1 Using the latest versions of the standard We have implemented the latest version of the standard.
Cloud_symbol5-1 We handle any interoperability issues Leave all OCPI related testing to us.

Thru our Charge Point Management System you can connect any manufacturer Charge Point directly to your desired EMP service that supports the OCPI interface. 

eMabler Charge Point Management System supports the OCPI version 2.2. in a CPO and EMP role. We also handle all necessary interoperability testing with any OCPI system you wish to connect to. More info about OCPI and its purpose here. 


Open Charge Point Interface

  1. Connect your chargers to eMabler CPMS
  2. Setup an OCPI integration from our platform with a 3rd party system
    1. With one go share your charge point infrastructure with your roaming partners
    2. You can set up several different OCPI integrations with different parties and gain more users to your charge point infrastructure 
  3. Get 3rd party CPO chargers visible on your EMP service.
    1. Setup eMabler integration in EMP role
    2. You get to see all the charger CPO offers thru our easy to use APIs
    3. Integrate other provider charge points to your existing business systems. 

Get started with OCPI