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EVSE Location Data


Eco-Movement makes charge point location data simple and accessible.

Who are Eco-Movement?

Eco-Movement is the leading platform for EV charge point location data. As an independent B2B Data Provider, Eco-Movement has a strong focus on data quality and completeness. It's our mission to make charge point location data simple and accessible.

Eco-Movement key features

  • Boost the visibility of your charging stations in the major navigation platforms.
  • Increase the data accuracy displayed in the navigation platforms.
  • Control how your charging stations are presented through our customer portal.
  • Gain access to valuable market reports on the charging station development and operator market shares.



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Is it for me?

Who should choose Eco-Movement?



If you identify yourself in the following statements, Eco-Movement may be the right partner for you

  • One connection to our database gives your charging stations maximum visibility.
  • You want your stations to display correctly in the major navigation platforms including Google Maps.
  • Get access to valuable reports to help your network planning.
  • Services involve no costs for the CPO, data-for-data deal.

You can also learn more about Eco-Movement at