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Electromobility app and roaming services


Launch your charging app today!

What is Deftpower?

Electric car drivers are the future for your business. Build your own white label charging app. Our intelligent cloud solution saves you money and time, letting you focus on building a relationship with your EV drivers.

Deftpower key features

  • End user application for charging

  • White label or generic mobile application

  • Payment of charging transactions with credit card
  • The Deftpower Automotive Charging Platform allows your EV drivers to charge at 300,000 charging points in Europe

  • Pricing engine for charging users

  • Seamless integration to eMabler via OCPI 2.2



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Effortlessly operate a charging network

Who should choose Deftpower?



If you identify yourself in the following statements, Deftpower may be the right partner for you

  • You are a public charging operator
  • You have an interest in expanding their network reach via roaming partners
  • You are looking for a polished user experience
  • Your goal is to go to market quickly
  • You want an end user app to be your primary user interaction
  • You don't want to heavily customize the end user application

You can also learn more about Deftpower at