Are you looking for a reliable software partner for your EV hardware?

The eMabler electromobility platform works with major manufacturers of electric vehicle chargers. In their purchasing, many of our customers prefer pre-certified charger hardware, which allows manufacturers to stand out from the crowd by completing our rapid EV hardware certification process. 

In addition to new sales opportunities, partnering with eMabler gives unique opportunities to improve your installer and end-user experience by utilizing our services for charge point manufacturers. 

What do I need to certify my hardware? 

  • A working, connected charger 

  • A charger tester or electric vehicle with a non-full battery 

  • About 1 hour of time 

  • Contact information for the following roles:

    • Technical contact: for API changes and further testing

    • Sales contact: where can our customers contact you for sales inquiries

    • Marketing contact: We’ll help you get visibility to new product launches and of course to promote our new collaboration

EV hardware certification process 

  • Answer a few questions about your chargers and processes – 5 minutes

    • We will usually implement charger specific rules to account for variations in protocol implementation 

  • Get an email to book a testing time from our calendar – 5 minutes 

  • Before the testing call, configure your charger to use our backend – 5 minutes 

  • Join our call to run tests against our backend – 45 minutes 

  • Receive credentials and instructions to run tests on future firmware releases 

  • Receive eMabler Hardware Compliance certificate for your products

eMabler EV hardware certification - questions and answers

Why should I certify my chargers with eMabler? Major CPOs want to ensure smooth deployment of their charger fleets especially when expanding their charger model support – eMabler Hardware compliance certificate shows your commitment to interoperability and robust quality assurance policies.
How much does EV hardware certification cost?

eMabler EV hardware certification is free for the time being.

What protocols do you support?

We prefer OCPP 1.6 JSON WebSocket protocol for chargers. 

Does it matter if we provide OCPP from the charger directly or via protocol conversion in the cloud?

Not to us, we understand the reasons for choosing a cloud-OCPP architecture very well and support direct cloud-based OCPP, but CPOs have learned to be wary of single points of failure outside their control. If you only provide OCPP via the cloud, ensure that your chargers come with a strict service level agreement ensuring long term support of your protocol conversion.

Do you support custom extensions to OCPP for additional features?

This depends a lot on if we have existing support in the backend to make use of the features you provide or have customers keen on making use of those features. Generally, it’s worth asking us! OCPP has significant limitations in a variety of areas and we’d like to find ways to provide additional functionality. 

Can you support our custom / proprietary protocol?

Maybe, let’s talk more! Contact us