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eMabler success story - Laddel in Norway

Unleashing the Power of Platform Flexibility and Scalability with eMabler for Rapid Growth

Established in early 2021, Laddel has offices in Kristiansand, Stavanger, and Trondheim. The company specializes in delivering smart and user- friendly charging solutions, emphasizing an exceptional customer experience.

The overarching goal is to make charging easily accessible to everyone, with a target of achieving 30,000 charging points by 2025 to contribute to the green shift.

The decision to partner with eMabler stemmed from their modular solution, simplifying the integration of their systems with ours. Given our rapid growth, we required a supplier capable of ensuring charger communication, stability, and scalability, allowing us to focus on building the market's best customer experience, usability, and functionality.

eMabler proved to be the perfect match, as their systems seamlessly complement ours, allowing for a clear division of responsibilities.

eMabler success story - Laddel in Norway

"While the number of available CPMSes is vast, we found that only eMabler offered the flexibility and scalability to help us transition to a more robust backend system. With eMabler, we are certain that critical system components do their job, so that we can focus on user experience and delivering new and innovative features" - Magnus Jacobsen, Co-founder and CTO Laddel

Uptime and reliability are paramount in our services, as is the ability to develop our solutions collaboratively with customers and partners as they know their needs the best - eMabler allows us to focus on this as they manage everything related to “charger control" so we can concentrate on user-facing aspects.

As a technology company in a swiftly evolving market, adaptability and co-development with our customers are crucial. The combination of systems and eMabler's modular solution enables us to swiftly respond to market demands and also retain control over our app and web portal development which are central to delivering simplicity and intuitiveness to the users.

eMabler success story - Laddel in Norway

"We are thrilled to start our co-operation with Laddel, supporting their expansion as the prominent Charge Point Operator in public spaces across Norway. Given that Norway stands out as the most advanced market for electric vehicles, our partnership strengthens our standing in the region. Laddel will benefit from the versatility of the eMabler platform, as its open interfaces allow for the expansion of electric vehicle charging services with other services and ecosystems. Additionally, the redundancy features of the platform ensure the smooth operation of high-volume services." - Juha Stenberg, CEO of eMabler

With Laddel' s rapid growth of 150 new charging points every week and employees with company cars needing a charged vehicle ready for the workday, robust systems are vital. Our 24/7 in-house support operates in tandem with these systems to ensure seamless operations and customer satisfaction.

About Laddel

Laddel is a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions in Norway, operating as a key entity within Acron Group—a technology and service provider in the Energy Transition sector.


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