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eMabler Announces Investment to Accelerate Growth of Open EV Charging Platform in Europe

Helsinki, Finland – 5th of June, 2024 – eMabler, a leading innovator in

EV charging platforms, has secured an investment in the single-digit

million range from Rethink Ventures and Superhero Capital alongside

existing investors. This investment marks a pivotal step in eMabler's

mission to accelerate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs)

through its best-in-class technology, focusing on better user experience

eMabler tackles the challenge of fragmentation within the EV charging

market, where numerous incompatible service providers, isolated mobile

applications, and prohibitive roaming charges create a frustrating

experience for EV drivers and hinder the overall adoption of electric

vehicles. eMabler’s lead position in the Nordic countries proves that end-

users prefer to charge at their homes and the eMabler platform is widely

used for providing this service.

Some use cases of what eMabler has helped our customers to solve:

Next-generation energy companies have integrated eMabler's electric vehicle charging services into their own mobile apps. Thus, offering the end-users one interface to manage their electricity contracts, electricity consumption, reimbursement, local production and electric vehicle charging services. eMabler has a state-of-the-art transaction handler that feeds the energy companies’ billing engines of choice in the format they use, effectively closing the cap between eMobility and energy retail.

Leading parking operators have the need to integrate eMabler's

electric vehicle charging services into their existing mobile parking

apps to offer parking and EV charging with a seamless user experience and payment flow. This allows parking operators to elevate their business effortless and profitably

with EV charging. EV charging operators are experiencing hyper-growth in the number of customers, charging sessions and network size. This imposes new requirements for automation and self-service. eMabler is providing connectors e.g. to Salesforce. This allows our EV charging operators to automate the customer journey from marketing, contract signing, delivery, customer service and billing, making it extremely scalable and cost-efficient. Petrol retailers are managing their EV charging services at their stations but also provide bundled offerings to corporate customers including charging services at public, work and home locations.

Petrol retailers are experiencing a rapid change in their business environment as valuable corporate customers are shifting their fleets to electric. With eMabler they can manage those various use cases in a multi-tenant environment and easily maintain overview and control to provide optimal use experience to the EV drivers.

Fleet operators have integrated eMabler's EV charging platform with fleet management systems. This allows fleet operators to optimize their charging based on routes and data. It also provides transparency in cost optimization and reimbursement as fleets are charged in hubs, home and private locations.

All EV charging management is done with the eMabler open platform.

Unlike vertical end-to-end platforms, the eMabler platform builds on APIs and connectors allowing our customers to tailor their offering and build sustainable competitive advantage.

Seamless Integration with the Energy System

eMabler's intelligent platform streamlines customer experiences while optimizing the flexibility and efficiency of EVs within the broader energy system. This integration is crucial as electric vehicles become more widespread and the combined charging becomes critical infrastructure on the grid.

eMabler's platform addresses this challenge by enabling charging to be controlled with day-ahead prices, interfaces to grid operators systems and

Virtual Power Plant Platforms. This approach ensures a smooth user experience and lower cost for EV drivers while contributing to electricity price stability, grid reliability and promoting sustainable energy practices.

Capitalizing on Global Trends

eMabler's growth is fuelled by megatrends:

Electrification of Transportation:


The Nordics are leading the global charge, with over 60% of new vehicles being electric. This trend is rapidly accelerating on a global scale.

Energy Transition:


Electric vehicles and their charging infrastructure are crucial components of building a more sustainable and resilient energy system. eMabler's solutions are at the forefront of this transition.



Reducing CO2 emissions is critical, with transportation accounting for a significant portion of global emissions. eMabler's solutions directly address this challenge.

Nordic Leader with Global Vision

In just three years, eMabler has established itself as the preeminent leader in the Nordic EV charging market, a region recognized as a global leader in eMobility. This investment positions eMabler to capitalize on the vast global potential as eMobility continues to gain momentum worldwide.

eMabler platform is used by 40 leading EV charging operators and service providers in 9 European countries. These include energy companies, fuel stations, retail and hospitality, parking operators, EV charging and fleet operators. In 2024 about 6 million charging sessions will be delivered through the eMabler platform and more than 160,000 MWh of electricity charged into electric vehicles’ batteries.

Jens-Philipp Klein, Managing Partner of Rethink Ventures says:


When we met both founders of eMabler, we were impressed by their product vision for an API-based charge point management system and their cost-efficient execution so far. With the additional funding, the company is well- positioned to enable seamless new charging experiences across Europe and become one of the leading next-generation providers of EV charging software.

Jussi Pyörre, CTO of Superhero Capital says:

Since our investment in the previous funding round, we have become confident in the eMabler team’s vision: they foresee that most companies will integrate electric vehicle charging services with their core business, and eMabler’s Open EV Charging Platform is perfectly suited for this. Additionally, we are impressed with the team’s ability to align their strategy, business model and platform to support secure and scalable operations in this dynamic market. Therefore, it was only natural for us to participate in this funding round.

Juha Stenberg, CEO & Co-Founder of eMabler adds:

We are very pleased with the outcome of this funding round. Existing investors showed their commitment and with Rethink we get a smart investor that focuses on mobility transition and understands the business of growing a company. This funding round enables us to get a stronger foothold outside the Nordics, where we already are the market leader. We are very grateful for their trust in eMabler.

About Rethink Ventures

Rethink Ventures is a specialized venture capital firm focusing on investments in mobility and logistics tech startups from Seed to Series-A stage. The company is committed to driving the transformation towards a more sustainable transportation sector. Rethink Ventures is based in Munich, Germany and backed by leading corporate partners from the automotive and logistics industry. About Superhero Capital

Superhero Capital, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, is a venture capital investment firm specializing in software-driven startups located in Finland and the Baltics, typically providing investments of up to €1 million.


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