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eMabler and CGI Join Forces to Enhance EV Charging Experience

eMabler and CGI have entered into a partnership aimed at accelerating the roll-out of electric vehicle charging services and enhancing the overall user experience. This collaboration commences in Sweden, where the electric vehicle market is surging, and many of CGI's clients view it as both a business opportunity and a means to seamlessly integrate electric vehicle charging services into their existing processes and IT systems – many of which have been delivered, integrated, and are maintained by CGI.

Global Electric Vehicle Expansion

According to the Global EV Outlook 2023 report, the worldwide electric vehicle fleet is set for rapid expansion. Presently, there are approximately 35 million electric vehicles on the road, and this number is projected to surge to 300-350 million by the end of this decade. The Nordic countries are leading this transition, with over 50% of new vehicles being electric.

Seizing the Charging Opportunity

Data from eMabler in Norway reveals that over 80% of electric vehicle charging occurs while vehicles are parked at home or at the workplace. This presents a compelling opportunity for energy companies, parking operators, retail, and hospitality to name a few.

CGI's Role in eMobility Integration

CGI is a trusted partner for various companies, including energy providers, eager to integrate electric vehicle charging into their operations and capitalize on this emerging market. With CGI's extensive IT consulting services, integration capabilities, and IT management, they offer customers a streamlined and secure entry into the realm of eMobility.

eMabler and CGI Join Forces to Enhance EV Charging Experience

eMabler's Seamless Integration Solution

eMabler contributes its deep expertise in electric vehicle charging and its Open EV Charging Platform, now seamlessly integrated with CGI's BFUS - Business for Utilities Suite. The BFUS is widely used by utilities to manage their customers, services, and billing. This partnership introduces a connector merging both systems, creating a fully integrated solution that significantly enhances the operational and user experience for both end-users and CGI's clients.

eMabler’s Vision of Seamless Integration

Juha Stenberg, CEO and Co-founder of eMabler expresses excitement about the partnership with CGI. The vision is to seamlessly integrate electric vehicle charging services with existing IT systems to provide the best user experience and access valuable real-time data, enabling the development of new services and revenue models.

The partnership will be introduced on October 19th in Stockholm, Sweden.

For additional information:

Juha Stenberg

CEO, Co-Founder

+358 400 57 5579

Leif Egge

Chief Customer Officer

+47 97 486 910

About CGI

Founded in 1976, CGI is among the largest independent IT and business consulting services firms in the world. With 91,500 consultants and professionals across the globe, CGI delivers an end-to-end portfolio of capabilities, from strategic IT and business consulting to systems integration, managed IT and business process services and intellectual property solutions. CGI works with clients through a local relationship model complemented by a global delivery network that helps clients digitally transform their organizations and accelerate results. CGI Fiscal 2022 reported revenue is $12.87 billion and CGI shares are listed on the TSX (GIB.A) and the NYSE (GIB). Learn more at

eMabler and CGI Join Forces to Enhance EV Charging Experience

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About eMabler

eMabler, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, champions the future of eMobility, having enriched the industry for over a decade. Our customers manage tens of thousands of connected EV charging points on our Open EV Charging Platform, facilitating millions of charging sessions annually. Recognizing the limitations of closed ecosystems, our focus remains on delivering adaptable solutions that prioritize the end-user experience. Dive deeper into our vision and offerings at


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