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B2B Fleet EV Charging for Last Mile Trucks, Vans and Taxis

B2B Fleet EV Charging for Last Mile Trucks, Vans and Taxis: What It Takes from a CPO Platform to deliver on its promises.

The e-commerce boom and the sustainable B2B transportation revolution have cast a spotlight on last-mile delivery services. With an intensified push towards environmental goals and a desire to trim operational expenses, businesses are pivoting to electric vehicles, especially in the realm of last-mile delivery vans and trucks.

The narrative is no different for electric buses (eBuses). Their numbers are on the rise, emphasizing the need for charging at the right time and place. When you factor in energy pricing, driver habits, varying weather conditions, and bus routes, the optimal timing of the charging formula becomes intricate but essential for streamlined operations and cost management.

Let's shift the lens to the taxi domain. The charging frequency for EV taxis has notably increased, for example, with those servicing airports making multiple trips to charging hubs each day. These hubs, typically located in proximity to airports, cater exclusively to these taxis. Furthermore, the consumer base is also transitioning. Modern-day customers, both individual and business-centric, are leaning towards EV taxis, hailed conveniently via mobile apps.

So, what does it take for the CPO platform to address these changing dynamics effectively? Here's a checklist:

  • Open API Infrastructure: A platform that supports extensive API integration is indispensable. Such infrastructure paves the way for seamless integration with fleet management systems, allowing optimal charging times, location pinpointing, and cost efficiencies. Additionally, it can automate essential reporting tasks, particularly for local governments.

  • Automated Reporting Capabilities: The demand for accountability is high. Businesses should be able to generate automated reports, especially those highlighting their carbon footprint.

  • User-Friendly Dashboards for self-service: Tailored dashboards for fleet managers and drivers can streamline operations. These interfaces should be intuitive, providing real-time insights and analytics.

B2B Fleet EV Charging for Last Mile Trucks, Vans and Taxis
  • Proper Payment Terminals: Charging isn't just about the power; it's about the payment too. Reliable kiosk systems that facilitate easy charging initiation for multiple chargers via payment cards are crucial. Not to forget the cross and upselling possibilities.

  • Strategic Roaming Partnerships: Leveraging it through Peer2Peer (OCPI) or roaming service providers, can offer flexibility. This is especially relevant when vehicles embark on extended journeys or deviate from standard routes.

  • Vendor Flexibility for Chargers vendors: Businesses should have the autonomy to select DC or AC charger vendors. Their decision should hinge on a mix of quality, availability, and pricing.

  • Intelligent Energy & Load Management: A system that can astutely manage energy while optimizing costs, especially based on dynamic SPOT pricing, can be a game-changer of adding margin.

Download our Destia success story and learn how eMabler’s solution enables Destia to offer total solutions for various customers, including site surveys, planning, commissioning and efficient remote operation of electric vehicle charging networks.

In conclusion, as B2B transportation veers towards electric avenues, businesses must have a well-defined roadmap and capability to make changes due to local requirements and market needs. The right infrastructure, strategic partnerships, and innovative tech integrations can pave the way for a sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient future.

B2B Fleet EV Charging for Last Mile Trucks, Vans and Taxis

As we accelerate towards a future where EVs are the norm, now is the opportune moment to invest in your own EV charging services. By doing so, you're not just participating in an industry set for exponential growth; you're leading it.

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eMabler, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, champions the future of eMobility, having enriched the industry for over a decade. Our customers manage tens of thousands of connected EV charging points on our Open EV Charging Platform, facilitating millions of charging sessions annually. Recognizing the limitations of closed ecosystems, our focus remains on delivering adaptable solutions that prioritize the end-user experience. Dive deeper into our vision and offerings at


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