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Demand Response and Virtual Power Plant


Fusebox helps operators of smart EV chargers to earn revenue from flexible charging while reducing their electricity consumption and carbon footprint

Who are Fusebox?

Fusebox has developed an innovative software solution, turning smart chargers even smarter. It will help you reduce costs by letting you participate in the demand response market to earn about 10% of your yearly electricity costs as actual money WE will pay YOU.

Fusebox key features

  • Real-time client data monitoring and visualization
  • Reducing electricity costs through peak price shifting

  • Generates revenue to the operator through flexible consumption

  • Reduces CO2 footprint annually by about 500 kg per charger

  • Links to energy markets globally

  • 0 risks to your core business



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Is it for me?

Who should choose Fusebox?

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Fusebox’s solutions will suit you ideally if

  • You are a private charging operator

  • You use smart EV chargers that can be connected through cloud

  • You want to reduce your energy bill

  • You want to earn revenue from flexible charging

  • You want to reduce your CO2 footprint

You can also learn more about Fusebox's virtual power plant and demand response services at