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To grow your EV charging business

eMabler Marketplace

Solution Partners

eMabler's solution partners offer their own services and software to supplement our own offering. If you'd like to see another system integrated, let us know and we'll talk to them.

paythru_logo_1-1 Paythru Help your customers easily manage and pay for charging sessions
deftpower_logo_1-1 Deftpower

Launch your charging app today!

eco-movement-1-1 ECO-MOVEMENT

Eco-Movement makes charge point location data simple and accessible.

fusebox-1-1 Fusebox

Get additional revenue through adjustable charging.


Manufacturer partners

We work with a large variety of both AC and DC charger manufacturers and are happy to run certification tests to new chargers at request of both customers and manufacturers. Manufacturers can choose between three charge point certification levels.


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