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eMabler EV Charging Platform

Transform Your Parking Lots into EV Charging Destinations (eMabler)

Generate additional revenue streams and integrate charging operations with existing business systems.

eMabler EV Charging Platform benefits for Parking operators

Why eMabler?

Unlock the potential of your parking spaces in the EV era

The eMabler platform empowers parking operators to transform their parking lots into revenue-generating EV charging destinations. Our API-first platform ensures smooth integration with your existing systems for a seamless experience.

Parking operators can achieve several competitive advantages with eMabler:

Generate additional revenue streams: Monetize your parking spaces by offering convenient EV charging options. This creates a new revenue stream while attracting a growing customer base.

Seamless integration: Integrate eMabler with your existing parking management systems for a smooth and efficient operation.

Enhanced customer experience: Make life easier for your customers by offering convenient charging options alongside parking. This builds loyalty and strengthens your brand image.

Commitment to sustainability: Demonstrate your commitment to a greener future by offering EV charging. This resonates with environmentally conscious customers and positions you as a leader in sustainability.

Benefits of APIs & Connectors for Parking Operators

Our cloud-native and cost-efficient platform enables you to control and manage all your EV charging data anywhere you need to. The cloud-native platform offers the highest security level and meets even the most demanding reliability and scalability requirements.

Manage EV charging availability and pricing in real-time

Offer reservations for charging spots through your existing parking app

Integrate charging revenue into your existing billing system

Gain insights into charging usage patterns to optimize parking lot operations

eMabler EV Charging Platform features for Parking operators

Generate additional revenue streams

Monetize your parking spaces by offering a valuable service in high demand.

Seamless integration with existing systems

Integrate eMabler with your existing parking management systems for efficient operations.

Enhanced customer experience

Offer a convenient amenity that simplifies parking and charging for your customers.

Commitment to sustainability

Showcase your commitment to environmental responsibility and attract eco-conscious customers.

Data-driven decision making

Gain valuable insights to optimize parking lot operations and maximize revenue potential.

Future-proof your business

Stay ahead of the curve by offering EV charging alongside traditional parking services.

What we enable for Parking Operators



from 550€ /month

Get started with a wide range of features.



Unleash your business with a fully tailored platform.

Fair and transparent pricing to help you grow

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Exploit the energy transition and
digitalization with eMabler

By working with eMabler you can reach your goals in no-time and scale your electric vehicle charging business.

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