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Your time is now!

The EV charging industry is growing by 50% each year. Yet, our clients grow 3x faster than the market.
eMabler's open API-first platform enables your business to reach new revenue streams within your existing IT infrastructure and customer base.
Tap into EV charging growing opportunities now with the best partner in the industry. 

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Year 2023 in numbers

2,1M Charging sessions
40M kWh electricity delivered
+30 000 Connected
charge points

Benefits of eMabler

World-class UI

Designed to be the 1-stop shop for charge point operators. Easy to use and quick to learn.

Open platform
API-first platform

Lets you scale easily and efficiently by using your existing software and systems.

Competitive Pricing

Focus on scaling your business, by benefiting from our unique pay-as-you-grow pricing.

eMabler connects with the tools you know and love

At eMabler, we understand the meaning of if it ain't broke, don't fix it. That's why Instead of replicating best-in-class software, eMabler connects with the tools you already use out of the box. 
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eMabler's pricing is competitive and supports our customers and partners to scale their business in the hyper-growth eMobility market
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What some of our customers say

Mari Moxnes Karlsen
Mari Moxnes KarlsenCPO, Aneo Mobility
"As we are now in good and stable operations, the entire product team in Aneo Mobility are happy with our flexible dialogue and accessibility of the eMabler team and are looking forward to continuing the partnership as we continue to offer the best charging service available in the market."
Per Th. Magnor
Per Th. MagnorCEO & Co-founder, Movel
"Collaboration with eMabler and the possibility to support multivendor installations with advanced energy management features are essential in growing the customer base."
Jere Jokinen
Jere JokinenHead of EV Charging Solutions, Destia
“eMabler's solution enables Destia to offer total solutions for customers, providing site surveys, planning, commissioning, and remote operation of EV charging networks. Utilizing eMabler's OPEN APIs, Destia integrates EV charging data into Customer's existing processes for continuous development.”
Sami Jassam
Sami JassamDirector of Operations, Alfa Power
"The flexibility of the eMabler Platform provides Alfa Power with various open APIs' to enable numerous system integrations. This gives Alfa Power a competitive edge over other CPOs, for example, allowing bespoke add-on services to be rolled out to all EV Drivers - instead of competing on charge service price alone."
CTO Laddel Norway | eMabler success story
Magnus JacobsenCo-founder and CTO Laddel
“While the number of available CPMSes is vast, we found that only eMabler offered the flexibility and scalability to help us transition to a more robust backend system. With eMabler, we are certain that critical system components do their job, so that we can focus on user experience and delivering new and innovative features.”
Sonny Strömberg at Emulate | emabler success story
Sonny StrömbergCOO of Emulate Energy
“Our deep expertise in control and virtual battery technology, combined with eMabler’s innovative open platform for EV charging, is the perfect match. The cooperation will be beneficial for the consumers and the environment.”
OP Charge | eMabler success stories
Thomas HerbertManaging Director of Opcharge UK
“Our partnership with eMabler has empowered us to deliver an unparalleled combination of cost-effective and rapid solutions for our clients. Whether it's equipping a new charging site with the latest chargers or seamlessly taking over a high number o f existing legacy chargers, our collaboration ensures unmatched flexibility”


Our customers are growing 3 times faster than the industry average of 50% PA.
Join the adoption to reach your untapped revenue potential from your existing customer base.