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Open platform for electric vehicle charging

Integrate and scale your electric vehicle charging business

eMabler Platform Solutions

Open platform
Open API platform

Our platform enables you to provide new services with existing systems and scale with ease.

Energy management
Efficiently manage the distribution of your energy and track user behaviour.
Customer experience

Craft your scalable solution and drive for a better customer experience.

Competitive Pricing

Focus on scaling your business, by benefiting from our unique pay-as-you-grow initiative.


Our customers are growing 3 times faster than the industry average of 50% PA.
Join the adoption to reach your untapped revenue potential from your existing customer base.
Open EV Charging

Platform Benefits

Energy companies
Integrate EV charging with energy markets
  • Manage EV charging power and timing

  • Integrate with existing marketplaces

  • Provide EV charging loads for energy companies and aggregators

Connect EV charging with business systems
  • Provide open APIs from our cloud-native platform

  • Design event-based APIs for customers’ business systems

Ev charging payments
Enable convenience in EV charging payments
  • Enable payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay

  • Enable convenience payment terminals

  • Provide billing data for companies’ business systems and ESG reporting

We help our customers succeed

What our customers say

"As we are now in good and stable operations, the entire product team in Aneo Mobility are happy with our flexible dialogue and accessibility of the eMabler team and are looking forward to continuing the partnership as we continue to offer the best charging service available in the market."

Mari Moxnes Karlsen
Mari Moxnes KarlsenChief Product Officer, Aneo Mobility

"Collaboration with eMabler and the possibility to support multivendor installations with advanced energy management features are essential in growing the customer base."

Per Th. Magnor
Per Th. MagnorCEO & Co-founder, Movel

"The flexibility of the eMabler Platform provides Alfa Power with various open APIs' to enable numerous system integrations. This gives Alfa Power a competitive edge over other CPOs, for example, allowing bespoke add-on services to be rolled out to all EV Drivers - instead of competing on charge service price alone."

Sami Jassam
Sami JassamDirector of Operations, Alfa Power

Your time is now!

The EV charging industry is growing by 50% each year. Yet, our clients grow 3x faster than the market.
eMabler's open API-first platform enables your business to reach new revenue streams within your existing infrastructure and customer base.
Tap into EV charging growing opportunities now with the best partner in the industry. 

eMabler in numbers

Here is what we enabled this year so far

1 080 031 Electric vehicles CHARGING SESSIONS

Frequently asked questions

Not sure where to start your EV charging journey? Browse through our frequently asked questions  below. 

What is your pricing model No fixed monthly fees per charger. The business model is based on successful charging sessions, no commission from EV Driver payments. This affordable model is the same for both AC and DC chargers.
What markets do you serve? Currently, eMabler is focusing on EU and APAC regions. Our service is coming from the European Microsoft Azure cloud. 
Which charging stations do you support? eMabler works with any OCPP1.6 or 2.0.1 compliant AC and DC charging stations. We support and have also implemented Charging Station vendor-specific APIs. 
How are you different?

Our successful charging session business model guarantees our 110% focus on supporting and accelerating our Customers’ charging business every day. Model is proven by 22 000 chargers connected/migrated within 14 months plus 1 000+ new chargers every month. 

eMabler enables and connects data from the charging sessions to the Customer’s existing business systems in the needed format through OPEN APIs and data mapping. This model ensures that Customers can implement the UX and EV Driver journey as they want from the business perspective and do all the loyalty, cross, and upselling processes when needed. If the Customer does not have their existing business systems, like Mobile app/CRM/ERP, we have well-established partners for this purpose. 

NOTE: The customer owns the data and their EV Driver journey IPRs. 

How fast can I start with eMabler? Without charger migration, one day. If thousands of chargers are migrated, including their usage history data, testing and actual migration take, on average 1-3 weeks calendar time. 
Do you support Plug&Charge? eMabler has supported Plug and Go already several years. Plug and Charge is supported as long as EV and Charger is supporting it. 
What payment terminals do you support? eMabler APIs support well-known payment terminals like Worline, Nayax, and Payter. 
What challenges do we solve with our 2nd generation CPO platform?

API-first open platform vs Closed vertical platform  

  • Your IPR, when you develop your Customer facing services and UX, you are in control and ownership
  • You own the EV Driver, i.e. customer and their data
  • No limitations on your service look & feel vs White Label limitations and offering a mix of capabilities
  • You can use your existing mobile app/dashboard and combine other services efficiently
  • You are in Charge of your roadmap and service release timing
  • Optimize your cost and pricing to EV Driver, fewer layers, lower costs, healthier margin
  • No need to compete only with sales pricing, significant opportunities in cross and upselling 
  • Wide API support for system integration, ERP/CRM/Loyalty/Asset Management, Mobile App SDK, Dashboards
  • Choose your strategic roaming partners through OCPI (Peer2Peer or roaming service providers)

Multi-vendor charging station energy management 

  • You can mix different vendors’ AC/DC chargers at the same sites (DLM, ALM, V2X, SPOT energy optimisation)
  • Grow your market share by migrating existing charging networks with legacy chargers.

Better user experience with payments 

  • Increases the charger utilization rate with Apple and Google Pay
  • As a CPO, you do not need to pay commission to EMSP, typically saving 15-30%
  • Use our selected eMSP partners
  • Affordable pricing model without monthly fixed fees per charging point