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Open platform for optimised vehicle charging

Integrate and scale your electric vehicle charging business

Your time is now!

The EV charging industry is growing by 50% each year. Yet, our clients grow 3x faster than the market.
eMabler's open API-first platform enables your business to reach new revenue streams within your existing infrastructure and customer base.
Tap into EV charging growing opportunities now with the best partner in the industry. 

Here's what we've enabled  last month

18 110 Directly connected charge points
2,8 GWh Electricity through our platform
22 Trips to the moon
and back
2 333 Metric tons of CO2 were avoided

We help you through

Open platform API-first Open platform

Our platform enables you to provide new services to existing customers, and scale with ease.

akku Energy management Efficiently manage the distribution of your energy and track user behaviour.
siirto White label solution

Craft your solution to integrate into your current infrastructure, reducing high development costs

Scaling Competitive Pricing

Focus on scaling your business, by benefiting from our unique pay-as-you-grow initiative


Our customers are growing 3 times faster than the industry average of 50% PA.
Join the adoption to reach your untapped revenue potential from your existing customer base.

What our customers say

Who We Work With

We work with companies that want to gain a leading position in electric vehicle charging services and gain business value.
Our cost-efficient and open platform enable you to scale your business and connect with other ecosystems.

How ready are you?

Use our simple scorecard to see how ready your business is for EV charging services.
We have created a quick assessment tool for you.


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