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Expand your business through multiple charging networks

Charge points are a key part of the electromobility infrastructure but having them available only through a closed backend can limit your full profit potential. Perhaps you need to extend your existing in-house fleet charging network with public chargers or include chargers from an unsupported manufacturer in an existing backend – eMabler Freedom allows you to flexibly combine multiple charger providers. 
Cloud_symbol4 Escape vendor lock-in Is your business growth limited by the backend supporting only limited charge point manufacturers? We solve it, eMabler Freedom supports various OCPP implementations.
Cloud_symbol2 Combine public and private charging infrastructure Allow your fleet cars to charge in both internal and selected external charge points 
Cloud_symbol3 Use existing NFC tags and apps Any authentication method you use now can be still used.
Cloud_symbol1-1 One tag to rule them all Combine tags from multiple EMPs or CPOs to one (it can be the one you already have). 
Cloud_symbol5-1 Lower the costs of charger hardware Provide OCPP connectivity from the cloud and implement a simpler protocol at the charger hardware.

eMabler Freedom gives you the ability to bridge multiple backend systems with OCPI and emulate chargers with cloud-based OCPP. It can also emulate the OCPP implementation of a manufacturer which is supported by another backend or provide an OCPP connection to chargers that implement a proprietary communications protocol, to allow controlling them from an existing OCPP based backend.  

Providing an OCPP implementation in the cloud instead of on a charger allows charger manufacturers to lower the costs of hardware when complex protocol implementation can be done outside the hardware. 


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