Connect and manage all your EV charging devices in one place

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 EV charging platform

eMabler EV charging platform connects to EV chargers data and converts it into features that drive your business growth, improve customer experience and reduce operating costs.

Launch, manage and grow your charging network with a complete hardware-agnostic solution.

eMabler EV charging platform has all the features your EV charging business needs to operate effectively.

 Complete EV Charge Point Management System

Optimize your EV Charging business operations with eMabler hardware-agnostic platform and reduce total cost of ownership. With eMabler EV charge point management platform you can provide an excellent experience for your customers.


eMabler EV charging platform
eMabler API


API-first EV charging platform

eMabler's EV charging platform follows API-first methodology. This means our design and development is build around the principle that our customers get full benefit of connecting data and systems to gain sustainable competitive advantage in electric vehicle charging service.

This means that our customers can utilize their existing systems, connect to new ecosystems and build EV charging business with existing customer base.

Benefits of our API-first platform include faster time to market, improved customer experience, more adaptive and innovative products.

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Advantages of the eMabler EV charging platform

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compatibility allows you to seamlessly connect with all EV charging stations to track, manage and monitor every critical metric for your EV charging business.

eMabler EV Charging platform is hardware-agnostic and future-proof.

Roaming capabilities and multi-vendor OCPP support – Multi-vendor networks are easier to operate and cost-efficient to build. Our solution expensive prevents vendor locks.

 Automatic SW testing – Automatic SW testing reduces network downtime and improves reliability.

Operator user interface – Manage charger and user parameters, software, features and usage data. This all is available also on eMabler REST API.

 Cloud load management – Optimizes charging so that electricity is properly distributed to all the electric vehicles that are charged simultaneously.

Statistic and reporting – reporting is a valuable tool to develop your service to ensure the best user experience.

Preventive maintenance – Automatic 24/7 issue detection and prioritization to avoid impacts on the end-users. Automated self-healing algorithms can remotely address most of the operational problems related to charging infrastructure.


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Our platform is compatible and easily configurable with any OCPP charge point station

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