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Innovate your EV charging business

Faster time to market

Why eMabler?

Faster time to market

eMabler platform enables energy companies to operate data-based businesses in eMobility to meet the requirements of the energy transition. eMabler is an API-first platform for electric vehicle charging.

Scale your business

EV charging operators need to be fast to innovate new services and launch them to the market. eMabler platform allows EV charging operators to launch new cost-efficient EV charging services and expand the business beyond basic charging.

EV operators will achieve several competitive advantages with the eMabler:

Cost-effective charge point management system to reduce OPEX.

Have full control of your EV charging service. Our platform is not closed but offers APIs to connect with commercial systems, internal and external data.

We’re more than just a platform provider. You’ll be working with our team of industry experts.

Benefits eMabler delivers to EV charging operators with eMabler

Innovate new businesses with our open platform. eMabler’s integration capabilities, service and hardware partners ensure that your charging initiative delivers value both financially and environmentally.

Operate a hardware agnostic platform and avoid limiting vendor locks

Offer your customers multiple, easy to use payment methods for EV charging with eMabler Express and Roaming.

Launch new business models and be competitive in the fast-growing EV charging market.

Execute cost-efficient operations with commercial business systems.

Build new revenue streams

Launch new services with EV charging data and connect EV charging with other ecosystems.

Increase APRU

Basic charging is high volume and low margin service. Innovate new services to increase your average revenue per user.

Lower operational cost

Connect eMabler platform to commercial systems to reduce the operational cost.

Multi-vendor networks

Select the charge point suppliers most suitable for their business case and operate multi-vendor networks.

Easy payments

Attract new customers and offer various payment methods. Let the end-user select the most convenient!

Modular pricing

Pricing model to meet your business scalability. Low fixed cost to support your business objectives.

What we enable for EV operators


from 550€ /month

Get started with a wide range of features.


Unleash your business with a fully tailored platform.

Fair and transparent pricing to help you grow

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Let's scale your business together.

By working with eMabler you can reach your goals in no-time.

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