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Maximize Efficiency with Smart Energy Management

Powerful benefits for seamless EV charging management

Cost reduction

Optimize energy consumption and reduce costs with our spotprice optimizer.

Enhanced Stability

Improve grid stability and charger availability.


Reduce carbon footprint and support environmental goals.

Key Features

Real-time adaptation to energy prices

By enabling our “Optimizer” you can dynamically adjust charging rates based on real-time energy prices sourced from Nordpool via Entsoe. This smart feature helps to minimize electricity costs by optimizing charging times during lower-priced energy windows, enhancing overall cost-efficiency.

Integration with existing metering solutions

Enhance your energy management capabilities with our sophisticated external metering feature. When standard measurements like fuse size are insufficient due to shared loads with non-reporting devices, our system allows for the integration of an external energy meter within any load management group. This setup is crucial for accurately measuring and managing power consumption, especially when other loads may impact the total available power.

API-first integration capabilities

Built with an API-first approach, our platform ensures seamless integration with your existing business systems. This allows for quick setup and enhanced functionality, with improved data flow, and user experiences across your service offerings.

Multivendor cloud loadbalancing

Our cloud-based "Dynamic Load Management" feature intelligently distributes power among multiple charging stations, no matter the vendor, via OCPP. This not only optimizes energy consumption but also minimizes the risk of overloading the fuse.


from 550€ /month

Get started with a wide range of features.


Unleash your business with a fully tailored platform.

Fair and transparent pricing to help you grow

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Take Your EV Charging Operations to the Next Level.

Ready to simplify your EV charging management and unlock new growth opportunities?
Book a demo with eMabler today and discover how our CPMS can transform your business.

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