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Ilkka Koisti13/10/22 12:253 min read

eMabler Success Story - Movel in Norway

Movel is scaling its business in Norway with the eMabler platform – 140% annual growth.

Over 90% of electric vehicle charging in Norway happens in the home, and this boosts the electric vehicle charging market in Norway and Movel is materializing this growing market.

Movel, an electric vehicle charging (EV) operator in Norway, is scaling its business with eMabler. They moved to the eMabler platform in September 2021 and since then the business volume has grown 140%. This is due to Movel’s excellent service offering and execution, but also the competitive advantage delivered by the eMabler platform.

Norway is the global leader in electric vehicles regarding the share of electric vehicles from new cars sold. In 2021 over 90% of vehicles sold were electric. This has emerged new companies and services to the Norwegian market. Providing an easy, cost-efficient and reliable way to charge an electric vehicle at home is one of these and Movel focuses on serving these customers.

The data shows that when electric vehicle drivers have a way to charge their vehicles at home, it will boost their confidence in selecting electric vehicles. On average, vehicles are charged every third day during the night and occasionally, end users use higher charging power to boost the charge. 90% of electric vehicle charging happens at home, mainly at night.


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Movel offers EV charging services to end-users living in apartments and these locations usually have many charge points from different charge point manufacturers. This model puts certain requirements for the EV Charging Platform provided by eMabler. The platform needs to support multi-vendor charge point installations with advanced energy management features and still offer the same end-user services, be easy to operate and reliable.

Movel is growing very fast its customer base as customers appreciate Movel’s transparent, modern and customer-oriented services. Also, the collaboration with eMabler and the possibility to support multi-vendor charger installations with advanced energy management features are important in growing the customer base not forgetting legacy chargers migration to the service. The collaboration will also enable Movel to make significant cost savings in operations and installations and focus on providing the best services for the end users.

Team movel

Looking good! Movel founders Per Th. Magnor  (r.) and Ole Hundstuen (l.).

Movel is eMabler’s cooperation started in the fall of 2021 when Movel migrated chargers and services from their previous platform (provided by a hardware vendor) to eMabler to take the services and business to the next level. The collaboration focuses on delivering the best end-user experience in the fast-growing market. Since then, Movel has gathered over 20 000 parking spaces for its charging services. Despite Norway’s global leadership in electric vehicle sales still, only 15% of all vehicles are electric, so the growth is expected to accelerate further. This is an excellent opportunity for both Movel and eMabler.

The two companies are looking for the next leaps to improve their collaboration. As electric vehicles and charging is becoming mainstream, the need to integrate electric vehicle charging with the energy system is vital. This means that all chargers should be connected to a platform that can predict and control charging cycles depending on the energy system’s situation. This functionality will be vital in all markets as electric vehicles will be more common and more electricity will be used to charge them.

Per Th. Magnor CEO/Founder from Movel comments: “Collaboration with eMabler and the possibility to support multivendor installations with advanced energy management features are essential in growing the customer base”

Juha Stenberg, eMabler’s CEO and Co-founder added: “We are very satisfied with the cooperation and Movel can be confident that they are getting a reliable, cloud-based, API-first solution that will support their business scaling.

The EV market in Norway is showing the way to the rest of the world, so it is essential that we, at eMabler, follow Norway carefully and take these learnings to the rest of the world. One of the learnings is that EV drivers want reliable charging service at home with advanced energy management. This is what eMabler provides!”

Download Movel, case study here!

Per Th. Magnor, CEO, Co-founder at Movel

About Movel
Movel supplies and operates shared facilities for electric car charging adapted to the needs of housing associations and condominiums - and the residents.


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