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Ville Parviainen

Ville has 10+ years experience in software development, digitalization, content management and web-based services from banking, insurance, telecom and eMobility (B2B/B2C). Ville is actively involved in eMobility standards and technical development in the industry.

Blog Post by Ville Parviainen

Ville Parviainen04/05/23 13:457 min read

The Future of EV Charging: The Magic of Plug and Charge Technology

Plug and charge technology is set to redefine the EV charging experience by making it ...
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Ville Parviainen27/04/23 10:344 min read

Is the time right for OCPP 2.0.1?

Is the time right for OCPP 2.0.1?
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Ville Parviainen18/06/22 18:5914 min read

Unboxing EV chargers

What is a good EV charger? In this post, I disclose the features that make a good ...
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Ville Parviainen27/05/22 13:383 min read

User Interface to provide value for different user profiles

Not all user groups have the same needs We continue to develop products for charge point ...
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Ville Parviainen29/04/22 15:013 min read

New features released

For charge point operators who operate large volume private charging services
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Ville Parviainen08/02/22 10:511 min read

eMabler ensures secure EV charging services

eMabler ensures secure EV charging services Electric vehicle charging services need to ...
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Ville Parviainen18/01/22 09:455 min read

Meet Ville Parviainen Co-Founder and CTO at eMabler

Meet Ville Parviainen Co-Founder and CTO at eMabler
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Ville Parviainen15/07/21 13:163 min read

Review - Garo Wallbox chargers for eMabler hardware integrations

Image credit: Garo Charging
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Ville Parviainen30/06/21 09:482 min read

Review - Alfen models for eMabler hardware integrations

Image credit: Alfen Alfen for eMabler integrations
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Ville Parviainen24/06/21 14:274 min read

Review - ABB Terra for eMabler Hardware Integrations

Image credit: ABB
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Ville Parviainen10/06/21 22:522 min read

Review - Ensto EVB and EVF models

Ensto E models for eMabler hardware integrations
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Ville Parviainen10/06/21 16:062 min read

eMabler Hardware Reviews

How to improve EV charging reliability
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