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Ilkka Koisti13/03/23 15:511 min read

eMabler Success Story - Aneo in Norway

Aneo Mobility is Norway's largest supplier of electric car charging to housing associations and condominiums. 

Aneo's charging solution includes everything from electricity to insurance and operation of the facility.

As the largest supplier of charging as a service in Norwegian condominiums, its important for Aneo Mobility to have an OCPP backend that flexible enough to be adapted to our ever changing customer needs, while at the same time being robust enough to support our large scale deployment and growth of infrastructure.


"eMabler offers just that, and while most backend migrations can be painful experiences for any organisation, the eMabler migration has performed solidly above our pre- launch expectations. eMabler designed a bridge-gap API service for us to make the transition smooth, and also helped out in the migration itself which was executed mostly unnoticed by our customers. Post- launch bugs has been few and cleared our rapidly."

family charging an EV-1


Mari Moxnes Karlsen - CPO, Aneo Mobility comments: "As we are now in good and stable operations, the entire product team in Aneo Mobility are happy with our flexible dialogue and accessibility of the eMabler team and are looking forward to continuing the partnership as we continue to offer the best charging service available in the market."

Download Aneo, case study here!

About Aneo

Aneo is Norway's largest supplier of electric car charging to housing associations and condominiums. The company has extensive experience in delivering stable, reliable and tailor-made charging solutions for all conceivable needs.

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