Provide a tailored EV charging experience with eMabler APIs

eMaber open API

API-first platform

eMabler’s API-first platform makes it effortless to integrate your existing customer base, apps, databases, and business systems with eMobility services.

eMabler is the provider for companies offering scalable eMobility services with superior customer experience.

Smart Energy APIs

Electric vehicles are “batteries on wheels”! Use this asset in your energy management portfolio and control electric vehicle charging cycles. The eMabler platform has Energy management APIs to utilize EV charging in energy management.

The eMabler APIs can be used to connect with energy aggregators’ or energy companies’ systems. eMabler is not an aggregator, but we enable these services and let our customers utilize profitable energy management services like peak shaving, electricity price-controlled charging and Virtual Power Plant services.

Smart Energy API
Business system API

Business System APIs

eMobility services can be managed as an integrated part of the existing client base, business systems and internal data. By doing this you will be able to offer a superior customer experience to your existing clients.

eMabler is the go-to provider for companies with internal capabilities and business ambition in electric vehicle charging.

Payment APIs

Solve the #1 problem end-users face by offering easy-to-use payment methods.

Offer superior customer experience to your customers with existing mobile payment solutions. We provide APIs to integrate eMobility with existing payment.

Adding mobile payment service to EV charging service does not require additional or extra hardware. Mobile payment is broadly adopted among the end-users and thus customer reach is substantially better. Mobile payment is also ideal to replace expensive roaming services.

EV charging payment API

Benefits of the eMabler APIs

eMabler APIs offers a flexible and scalable solution to meet the unique EV charging needs of your business. APIs enable to integrate with your client base, existing systems and build innovative solutions.

Smart Energy APIs

  • Build new revenues streams on top of electric vehicle charging service.
  • Control electric vehicle charging cycles
  • Easily connect to energy aggregators’ or own systems
  • Benefit from peak shaving, electricity price-controlled charging
  • New revenues from Virtual Power Plant services 

Payment APIs

  • Attract new customers with better user experience
  • Connect existing payment solutions with your service
  • No additional hardware needed
  • Charge point neutral
  • Replace expensive roaming services 

Business System APIs

  • Easily scale your eMobility offering with customer base
  • Utilize your existing business systems with eMabler APIs
  • Minimum costs – proven ROI benefit
  • Scalable solution to meet all your current and future needs

Built on a strong foundation 

eMabler uses Microsoft Azure platform for running its SaaS offering.


We designed our architecture to be cloud native from the start. Our focus has been scalability, reliability and security.

Microsoft Azure offers great tools for this and our platform utilizes several of them:

  • We host our business logic components on Azure Functions
  • We use Azure App Services to host our websocket endpoints and UI front ends
  • Our services utilizes a micro service architecture where the backbone for delivering messages is done by Azure Service Bus
  • For data storages we utilize really scalable Azure Cosmos DB as well as Azure SQL Database

Everything is put in Azure VNET setup and protected with Azure firewall and load balancing solutions like Front Door and Application Gateway.


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