Integrate EV charging with your business

Even software is better together

We only want our customers to use the best tool for the job and we know eMabler isn’t the best tool for everything. Instead of trying to build it all ourselves, we built eMabler APIs to integrate the best tools for your business case. 

Cloud_symbol4 Use the best tools for each job
Cloud_symbol3 Seamlessly transfer information between systems
Cloud_symbol2-1 Short time-to-market
Cloud_symbol1-1 Remain agile through changes in the business landscape
Cloud_symbol5-1 Pay for what you need
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eMabler APIs’ use case examples

  • Add customer charging costs to existing invoices 

  • Provide charging functionalities in your existing app 

  • Manage customer relationships in industry-leading CRM systems 

  • Combine charging data with your EV fleet management system 

  • Integrate parking cameras with charging authorized users based on license plates 

Technical things

For technical people

In our standard setup, we offer a REST/JSON based API, with webhooks for reacting to events. In case your existing systems do not support these technologies, we can also offer custom solutions, including MQTT or other message queue formats, XML or even direct database inserts for a modest fee. You can find the eMabler API description here.

Getting started

with eMabler APIs

Create an environment

Get your eMabler environment set. We also offer a free version for development teams.
Get started free.

Get your API keys

Once your environment is setup and running our team will send you the API Keys for your application. 

Get to know our API

Our API documentation is everything you need to get to know our technology.

Start integrating

Connect your chargers with other tools such as: payments, CRM, ERP and invoicing.

Get started with eMabler APIs